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How Long Does a Frontal Last?

How Long Does a Frontal Last?

Lace frontals is the top requested item in the hair salons today. As the demands increase more hair stylists are getting creative on how to make these frontals look like it's growing from your scalp. A lace frontal sew-in is a good investment. It will look more natural compared to a wig. Whether the lace is glued down with adhesive or secured with an elastic band, you will feel confident knowing your lace isn't going anywhere if installed properly. Frontal will give you many styling choices over a period of time. Frontals also allow you to give your natural hair a break, or you can have fun with it by adding color without having to color your natural hair at all.

Hairstylists may give you different answers as to how long frontals actually last. Many things depend on the longevity of the frontal, such as the quality of the frontal. Using adhesive will also shorten the lifespan of a frontal depending on the type you choose. Frontals typically will last you 6-8 weeks with proper care. Frontals can be used multiple times, the condition of the frontal should be inspected prior to being installed. Things to look for in reused frontals would be thinning spots and holes in the lace. Frontals will shed overtime with daily styling.

Signs You Need To Remove Your Sew-In

Excessive Itching

Depending on your scalp type, some scalps dry out faster than others which can cause itching. Oiling your scalp in between your sew-ins may help, but if the itching becomes excessive it is recommended that you remove your install and have your hair washed. You may need to let your scalp breathe and have any build up removed off your scalp. Although using natural oils suchs as peppermint and tea tree oils provide relief, please keep in mind that these are only temporary solutions. Setting an appointment to visit the salon to have your extensions removed and your hair washed will be the best suggestion, then you can have your hair re-installed.

Excess Oil

If you experience excess oil build up on your scalp, it’s time to wash your hair. You can wash your scalp while you have your extensions installed, but you have to be careful with the lace. Once your hair is washed to have to make sure your extensions are completed dry before styling. The wefts will take the longest to dry, I recommend sitting under a hooded dryer. If everytime you touch your scalp and your hands are very oily, it is time to wash your extensions. Although oiling your scalp is recommended during your installs, please keep in mind of how much oil you are putting on your scalp. Gently massaging the oil on your scalp will help from applying a lot.

Loose Braids

Overtime during an install your hair will grow. If your braids are no longer attached to your scalp, it is time for your install to be taken down. New growth is determined on how fast your natural hair grows. When the braids become loose it is recommended that you take your hair down because the added weight of the extensions can cause breakage at the root of your hair. When your sew-in appears bulky or your frontal is pulling back and no longer able to stay on your hairline due to new growth it is time to take your extensions out.

Weaves Are Dry and Dull

If you notice your extensions are dry and unmanageable it's time to take your extensions out. If your extensions are starting to shed and tangle, it's time to replace your extensions. Please keep in mind that overtime your extensions will not last forever.Frontals and bundles will eventually need to be replaced, to make sure you are getting most out of your investment it will be determined on how well you take care of your extensions while installed and when they are not in use. Properly cleansing the frontal thoroughly will help prevent build up. Try not to oil directly onto the lace, which will cause shedding over time.


Frontals is a type of lace that can be used as a protective style to close off a sew-in. Frontals can last 6-8 weeks with proper care. If you start to notice thinning spots or holes in the frontal it is time to replace it. Signs that it's time to have your frontal  install removed and reinstalled is new growth. You would want your sew in to look natural and flat. If the lace is damaged from an install and can not be repaired it is time to replace your frontal. Frontals are considered high-maintenance so taking care of your frontal by not brushing hard close to the lace with help prevent thinning spots. If you are not sure if your frontal is reusable check with a hairstylist who can inspect the condition of the frontal prior to it being installed. Need bundles and frontal? Click here to shop!