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What Is Better A Frontal Or Closure?

What’s Better: A Frontal or Closure?

Hair extensions are an effective way to change your appearance or cover up hair loss for some women. Sew-ins or wigs are a good protective style and will not harm your natural hair if installed properly. When choosing a sew in or wig for a protective style you may be asked if you would like a frontal or a closure, but you have no idea what the difference is between the two.

If you would like to know more about them and which one would suit you best you have come to the right place. I will tell you about the pros and cons to closure and frontals as well share the similarities and differences between lace frontals and closures so that you can confidently make the right choice. 

Lace closures and frontals are a very popular trend with women today.

What is a Lace Closures?

Lace closures differ from frontals as it covers only a portion of your head and not cover from ear to ear. Closure sizes vary based in preference such as 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 or 2x6. A closure has a horseshoe-shaped lace piece that is placed in the middle of your head. They are around 4 inches in length and width may come in smaller or larger sizes. The parting is limited to size of the closure. 

Closures are usually made of lace and sometimes silk material. A lace closure is ideal for concealing an exact part; it creates an illusion that your hair strands are growing from your scalp.

Lace closures look natural and are great if you have small parts you want to cover on your head.The crucial part in making the closure to appear flawless is the install. They are designed for any type of hair whether natural, relaxed or for those with receding hairlines.

What are Frontals?

Frontals are a good way to mimic your natural hairline, or create one if needed. Lace frontals give you ear to ear coverage. If you want to recreate your hairline from temple to temple, a lace frontal is your best bet. Frontals cover your head from ear to ear and about 4 to 6 inches back. Lace frontals are usually sewn on to braids or with an elastic band.If you have thinning edges or suffer from alopecia this is the best option for you. 

Lace frontals can be dyed, straightened and curled for you. They are also more comfortable to wear and install. Women wear lace frontals if they want to try a different hair color or texture.

Frontals allow more versatility in styling like pulled back hairstyles. Closures can only give limited options. You also save on buying bundles as you need less when choosing a lace frontal. 


Frontals and closures differ in size so the best choice would be based on what you need. If you need more coverage, frontals would be better for you as they run from ear to ear. Lace closures are meant to close off an install and only cover a horseshoe size portion either on top or in front of the install.

Materials are made from either lace or silk. Silk closures can mimic a scalp more accurately when up close. Lace frontals and closures lay much flatter and blends better with the scalp. If you still can’t decide which is better for you, your hairstylist will know which is the best.

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