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Signature Custom Wig Service by Jo


Ever ordered a wig from Amazon or Aliexpress before? Did it come exactly like the photo? Chances are it didn’t! So you had to

  1. Pluck the hair line

  2. Bleach the knots

  3. Pluck the hair some more

  4. Cut the lace

  5. Attempt to do the baby hairs

  6. Find a stylist to install the wig for you or

  7. Look at 10+ Youtube videos to figure out how to put it on

    And the list goes on. When you shop with us, we take care of that for you! When you receive your wig, it is already READY to wear.



The cost for a sew-in weave with a lace closure can range anywhere between $150-$350 from a seasoned stylist. Sew-ins typically stay in for 2-6 weeks depending on how often you like to change your style up. That means you are spending $1800+ a year to get your hair done. That doesn’t even include hair! When you invest in our machine made wigs, you invest in a style that can last you 2 years or longer.



Can we talk about how damaging lace glue is for a second? Don’t feed into the hype. Lace Glue is not FDA approved and it has been snatching out edges and damaging lace closures + frontals for years. We want you to keep your edges and your able to do that with our glueless units. Our wigs are 100% Secure.

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