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About us

JoGoddess Hair & Co was established in 2014 by Jonisea Brown. As a lifelong lover of everything that involved beauty hair care, Jonisea found herself underwhelmed by the quality of beautiful and affordable hair extensions on the market. For years Jonisea worked her way up in the ranks of corporate america, never quite living up to her full potential. After countless interactions with poor quality hair and bad customer service. She vowed to make a change. She began to do extensive research, and it was then, that she was finally able to start putting pieces together. She discovered her passion! With much careful thought and prayer she launched her company in April of 2014. Upon the launching of her brand JoGoddess Hair, Jonisea Goddess Angel Hair became a must have accessory throughout Indiana. As more and more people found out about JoGoddess Hair & Co, and the demand for Jonisea Goddess Angel hair was higher. Since it’s inception, JoGoddess Hair has grown exponentially. What started off as a local craze grew is growing into an international sensation. Amazing products coupled with customer-centric service has helped JoGoddess Hair & Co grow and thrive. As we continue to grow, one thing we never forget is that every woman who contacts and trusts JoGoddess Hair & Co to fulfill their hair care needs is a person who deserves to feel as beautiful as possible... and that’s where we come in.